LIFT Learning

Learning Letters aims to provide a comprehensive learning experience beyond published articles. LIFT Learning is a dynamic platform designed to complement and expand upon the research shared in the journal.

LIFT Learning offers authors the opportunity to enhance articles by hosting short online events or modules. In collaboration with Learning Letters, authors can create interactive experiences that delve deeper into studies, fostering engagement and interaction with readers like never before.

Through LIFT Learning, authors can share additional insights, invite readers to interact with data, showcase short videos featuring co-authors discussing findings, and participate in online discussions with the audience. This interactive platform opens the door to a vibrant exchange of knowledge and ideas within the research, academic, and professional community.

The goal with LIFT Learning is to facilitate broader dissemination of research and stimulate meaningful dialogue and reflection between authors and readers. Hosted by the Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning (C3L) at UniSA, this platform serves as a hub for connecting individuals passionate about education and tackling contemporary issues in the field.

Join LIFT Learning to explore cutting-edge research, engage with authors, and contribute to the ongoing discovery and advancement of education. Together, let's elevate the sharing of knowledge and foster a vibrant learning community for the foreseeable future.


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